Sunday, November 21, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 11 (round 3): Stickers Part 2

This is my second layout for the week-Girl Friday getting her ears pierced & going to Rainforest Cafe to celebrate.  She has had to wait until kindergarten to get the deed done-so that she will appreciate that we think she is a big girl now, and she will remember how much it hurts and not let her ears close up.  Creative me was glad that it was sticker week, because otherwies we would not have found the froggie kisses sticker (on journaling spot) to inspire this LO.

Have you ever organized something, only to realize that the solution was only marginally better than the problem. Like when company comes , and the entire contents of your family room are in your hall closet… then you realize that your guest wants to see that thing that you put in the closet first… hmmmm… that’s how my stickers were living. Last round, I found them, I corralled them like the Red Bull leading the Unicorns to the sea (Netflix shout out for the animated Last Unicorn with soundtrack by America), and there they sat unenjoyed, and being piled up more and more.

Like the magical and semi-imaginary creature that she is, OCD Me rescued these trapped stickers (Yeah OCD Me!) from their imprisonment in a 12x12 Iris case so that they could share their magic with the world again… yes, it did involve a lot of talking to my cat (who never did give me a straight answer either) and the memory of wine to find the time to get this done, but OCD Me was resourceful.

Since PA Me has stalled out Ideas twice now, the 3 inch D-ring binders from round 2 were still empty. OCD Me sorted all of the stickers into categories, and then put them in the binder in 8.5x11 page protectors, and used mini post-its for the categories.

Sample categories are as follows:

St. Patrick’s Day
4th of July/ Patriotic
Florishes & other

Next week is ribbons, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and kids home from school… Wish me luck! Oh, and I have Italian and Giada for my Kitchen Keepsakes! Off to shop!


Tracy said...

This is how I kind of organize my stickers.
Except I never use them because they are put away in the binders. I may have to rethink it.

Holly* said...

nothing feels better than the after feelings of having finished a big organization project imo. i have to say i gave up on the binders for the same reason tracy listed and now i mostly use drawers and try to not buy so many stickers. the later seldom works it seems...

Becky said...

We made our daughter wait until she was five too...great minds I guess!