Sunday, November 28, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 12 (round 3): Ribbons Part 2

This Week’s ribbon layout:

I used my solid color cardstock, so that the ribbons would really pop, and a couple of pumpkins from my stash from Jolee’s (from like 2004).

Well, we survived the snow, Thanksgiving, …and Black Friday (BTW whichever retailer decided to start black Friday on Thursday…I loathe you! And my family is not happy to have a truly functionally sleep deprived mom walk in the door at 7:15 AM to go to bed after a day of Thanksgiving cooking followed by black belt marathon shopping- when all they want is waffles).

Here is the after for ribbon. 

After spending three days snowed in with 6 inches of snow (seriously, people who see snow more than once every 2 years, it is not polite to make snarky laugh sounds come out your nose! It was CRIPPLING! I almost did not get my Safeway Thanksgiving dinner in a box!...The POW almost had to go all Donner Party (for non US followers or those who slept through Pioneer expansion, look it up in Wikipedia) and eat the cat…not really, but it would have been Otter Pops and frozen peas, and that scary thing from the back of the fridge that has freezer burn, but the Inner Hoarder hasn’t thrown away yet) not only did OCD Me have the ribbons organized, but Creative Me knocked out two pages from Fabulous Spouse’s Iraq album (from 2007 and totally on my to do list) as well as the above Halloween layout.

As for the Kitchen Keepsake Challenge, we are entering our last week, so look forward to a layout that represents: Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. As Luck (and weather) would have it, after Thanksgiving, I always make from scratch Turkey Soup! It is totally worthy of any Jersey Diner, so I hope you like it!

Finally, welcome back from the hospital, Dailly!!! Tuesday Trio is back and running! I am reposting my Design Team entry for this week’s challenge below, and will have a new card on Tuesday for them. Welcome back Dailly, glad that you are doing better and Happy Holidays!


Scrappy-ness said...

What a great way to store ribbon! I have tons of it. I'll have to give that a try. Great job on the layout too.

Shell said...

despite being tired and all the snow - it sounds like you had a lot of fun anyway and got lots done :-D

Tracy said...

So much to comment on.
Love you layout.
Nice storage for your ribbon.
Soup sounds and looks good.
Nice card.

Steph said...

I was just looking for a way to store ribbon. I will have to see if I can find that organizer