Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 11 (round 3): Stickers Part 1

This week all the other stickers that were ignored last week! Whether you love them or hate them, stickers are a staple of the scrapbooking world.  When you're not looking they multiply...and multiply... and then invite their cousins. The big question is, how to sort them? By color? By theme? By manufacturer?

This is an area that I am actually eager to attack! Here was my results last round.  How I am going to attack the stickers now is under debate… but the POW is in negotiations as we speak. I did use Alpha stickers for the title on the recipe card further down.

Well, all of my personalities were in a super happy place this weekend! I went to CKC-Seattle and took a bunch of classes and learned a bunch of new techniques! It was AMAZING! Thank goodness that I was on a budget, or Inner Hoarder would have just gone to town with all the great shopping at the vendor’s Fair. The make and takes were just as awesome as the classes, and I already have a wish list for next year!

Here is the layout that I did for Kitchen Keepsakes Challenge. The theme for this was Ace of Cakes… and due to the quick turn around time… Fabulous Spouse made my cake (and took the pictures)! Ace of Cakes is about cakes with attitude rather than how to cook them, so Fabulous Spouse dug into his repertoire and brought his “A” game. Here is his awesome Tres Leche cake (recipe courtesy of Alton Brown). It may not have fondant figurines, but it tastes …mmmmmmm….

In Duff spirit, I brought out my aces and my scrapbook tools.  Like Tim the Tool Man, I used "more power" to get to work!  The goal was to bring this layout to the next level, but also not make something that was too bulky that I could not keep it in the kitchen.

My base page is from the Paper Loft, and I masked and glimmer misted it (new technique for me from CKC). Then, I used an old technique to apply layers of clear embossing powder on the playing cards (also from the Paper Loft), refrigerated the pieces, then cracked and inked them. Instant antique for pennies!

You too can use this to make any sticker look like aged ephemera!  Looking forward to showing you my progress at the end of the week!

Ta Dah!


Kelly R said...

Nice technique! You did a good job explaining it, too.

Sharla said...

Cute blog!! I love how you named your personalities..I can relate to all of them but especially the PA one!! ;)

Love the layout,the cards add a cool touch!

Tracy said...

Oh ya thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I do love IKEA even if it is a 6.5 hour drive, but its right across from Mall of America so I get to go to Archivers as well :)

ScrappnBee said...

OOoohhh! Archivers! I have never been, but SO want to go!

Deborah said...

Nice Layout!!

Jingle said...

Very nice layout!

Michele said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like the technique!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

great layout!

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Great idea! I love Duff and Ace of Cakes! Thanks for your comment on my blog!
Sue WOYWW #96

Elizabeth Schaffer Miranda said...

I love how you aged those playing cards! Great layout also!